On Speed - Inside
1:  The New Sensation

Amphetamine's discovery and the drug business in the 'Roaring 20s'

2:  Benzedrine: Making Of A Modern Medicine

Amphetamine's initial clinical testing and marketing in the 1930s

3:  Speed And Total War

 Allied and Axis alike issue amphetamines to soldiers - for 'morale'

7: Amphetamine’s Decline,
From Mental Medicine
To Social Disease

'Speed Kills': The People  versus Amphetamine

8:  Fast Forward: Still
On Speed, 1971 To Today

The scariest drugs on the street become safe medicines for children

4: Bootleggers, Beatniks,
 And Benzedrine Benders

America's 1940s jazz counterculture finds beauty in decongestants

5:  A Bromide For The Atomic Age

Amphetamine maintains harmony in the 1950s consumer's paradise

6:  Amphetamine And
The Go-Go Years

From JFK to Warhol to Swinging Soho, the 1960s were saturated with amphetamines

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