Gene Jockeys - inside
1:  Biology, Industry, and the Cold War

Molecular biology flourishes as the ultimate 'normal science' for the Cold War

2:  The Insulin Trophy

The first wave of biotechs spring from academic biology and make their prize the 'most famous protein' ever

5: Epo: The Making of the Biotech Blockbuster

Amgen, Biogen, Genentech and Genetics Institute fight for  biotech's grand prize -- and the US courts decide what counts as winning

6:  TPA: The End of the Beginning

Biogen, Genentech, Genetics Institute, clinical trials dances, and the coming of the second generation drugs

3: Growing Pains: Commercial Strains on a Way of Life

Genentech scientists and the academic lab group they came from compete to clone human growth hormone

4: The Interferon Derby: Markets in Credit, Tournaments of Value

Biogen, Cetus, Genentech, other biotechs all seek the ultimate molecule -- and to value themselves


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